I saw a video of a lot of great creatives say that they produce their best art or perform the best when they haven’t had an orgasm in a while.

For the past few months, I’ve been on a journey to see if it’s true or not. I have concluded the following…

Yes. It is true indeed.

For the past year+ , it has been increasingly difficult for me to create. Freely. Effortlessly.

Being a creative comes with its own pressure. (Most of which is self induced) But being a MOM comes with its own life change.

So, ya girl hasn’t felt very creative in a while. Just being a full time mom and Entrepreneur hasn’t left much time for creativity to seep through my pores as it once did. But during my research, I have noticed an increase in creative flow. Ideas seem to connect themselves more quickly and execution seems to lack inhibitions. Shit just flows. And it’s fun!

Having a creative blockage, sis? Put the toy down. Take a break and let it flow. Guys, give Palmela a break and create some shit that’ll outlive you and that 10second pleasure.

I see now why a sexual climax is called a release. It’s all the same. Whether it’s physical pleasure or another form of art, release is necessary.



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