First of all, y’all know I talk too much!

Not like the gossipy, tell your business, run my mouth and repeat everything you said kind of talk too much. More like the I know it all, my way is best, I have to have the last word, YOU were thinking it but I said it kind of talk too much.I’ve always been this way and I doubt that will ever go away.

But lately, I have been learning to let people talk themselves into their own hole. And in most cases, talk themselves right out of the VIP section my life, into the General Admission seats. I just do not have the energy I once had to indulge in people’s foolishness and/or always express my annoyance to what they are saying/doing. I now grow quiet and separate.

I let people lie to me. I let people be hypocrites. I let people exaggerate. I let people ignore me. I let people.

I simply shut up, notate and move on. And let me just say, this way is so much better for everyone involved. It saves me energy and saves them a little dignity. Win-win.

I’m growing…



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