I made a post the other day saying I’m taking side negus applications. My notifications swarmed with “whaaat?!”, “Why are you planning to cheat”, etc.

I made another post explaining what I meant. Which is, the guy wouldn’t be coming second to another man. He’d be coming second to my goals and my future.

See, there’s a reason most successful women are single. They’re single because it’s easier. When a woman is fresh out of a relationship, it’s evident. We glow different. We get back in shape, we’re more focused and we put all that extra energy into ourselves and our own goals.

A lot of multimillionaire women say they make the most money when they are single and I completely understand why! As an entrepreneur, there are no set hours you have to work. So the best are always working! Those nights when you’d usually be up until 3/4am working on your business, are replaced with movie nights, date nights or late night cuddles when you have a bae. As we all know, this can be detrimental especially when you’re not with the right man.

All in all, I know most people preach “you can have it all” but frankly, the time, energy and effort it takes to make sure the match is perfect is time, energy and effort I’d rather put into my brand. Call me Mary Jane, Olivia Pope and who ever else is securing the bag singly. I have no time for dickstractions.



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