When I was pregnant, I felt so emotionally unstable I used to say I was “riding the wave”. If I laughed at 10:00 and felt a cry coming at 10:01, I did it. If I then felt like screaming at 10:02, I did that too. It was literally up and down like a wave. A strong, all-consuming, unpredictable wave.

The same goes for mothering these days. Some days I feel like I’m killing the game with this mommy shit! We’re on schedule, he’s eaten balanced meals all day, we’ve covered all of the colors, shapes body parts and sight words. It’s a great feeling! Other days I feel like I can’t get anything right. Like, literally ANYTHING! But I’m reminding myself that much like my pregnant emotional state, motherhood is indeed unpredictable. And even if we see more of the bad days than we see good ones this week, each day that we survive is another chance to get it right.

Just ride the wave, Jaz!

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