Let me start by saying that this post is in no way, shape or form, meant to encourage everyone to become somebody’s sidechick. I just, after shitting on them for so long, finally see why one would want to be a sidechick. Here is what I’ve gathered thus far:

You get the perks without the problems. Meaning, you get attention, gifts, money, sex and whatever else you want without having to actually DEAL with his BS.

You have no real obligations or responsibilities. You don’t have to do his laundry, buy bday gifts, go to family functions, pretend to like his friends or give af about his finances and/or his future.

When you don’t feel like being bothered, you don’t have to. You don’t have to answer the phone, open the door or show up if you don’t want to.

You always get him/her at their best. They come to you to release and have a good time. They don’t bring you their stress or their problems.

And most importantly, you don’t have to break your own heart with expectations! Me, personally, I’d prefer an open communication so that the GF, wife, etc. doesn’t get hurt, but 9 times out of 10, she knows what she’s dealing with. And if she doesn’t, that’s all the more reason the sidechick is winning! Cause sis already knows the truth about everything!

The only time I could see this getting complicated is if the sidechick starts catching feelings and does not stick to the code. Lol.

Once again, I’m not promoting the lifestyle. I’m simply sharing my perspective on the matter. And from what I see, sidechicks are winning…big time!

It’s us, women who want the wifey status and long term commitment, who always end up hurt. Lbvs.



One thought on “Sidechick? …You may be on to something

  1. Shericka says:

    I agreed to disagree … this isn’t always the case ! Some side chicks have to deal with all this bs too … now a days … side chicks are meeting family and etc ! It all depends on who you dealing with ! I was dealing with a dude for just sex and he would get mad when he didn’t get it as if I was obligated ??? but that’s just me … that was my old lifestyle … some are winning and some are not

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